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tomstroll · ionie album samplers

Pro Tip: Louder music sounds better, esp. with some good headphones or loudspeakers!

Full stereo mixes & instrumental versions available for all songs; stems available upon request. All songs on this album have fully executed collaboration agreements for 100% copyright ownership on both sides; ready for your edit.

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You’re invited to delight in the edgy thrills and calming ethereal pools of pop vibez & feel-good tone-poetry treasured in these playlists. NOTE: Remixes available upon request.
Enjoy!! 🙂

tomstroll · Production Music Archive – Film/TV/Games/Digital

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Easy-to-Clear Songs,
Scores, & Soundscapes
for Storytellers.

Yes, I also do custom work for select storytellers, & music houses on a first-come-first-served basis.

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